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Payment for the acquisition of technical documentation can be made via  БАНК  через  ИНТЕРНЕТ  or via alternative payment systems, on prior request. Address for applications:   akademfi@ukr.net 


Dear Academicians, members of the Academy, and guests!

Attention! On 25.07.2013, at all working and tested inventions, there are limits, in view of their commercial value.
The decision of the Board members and the audit Committee it was agreed the following:
All we tested workable inventions, made available for free in the annual Academic almanac " Thought ahead of time," only to active members of the Academy.
All we tested a workable invention, may be granted to full members of the Academy personally, urgently, on an individual
заявлению, when providing 10% charitable contribution.
All we tested a workable invention, may be provided to any interested person, by personal 
заявлению, while providing 100% charitable contribution.
The size of charitable contributions, for each technology, not the same and depends on the contract with inventors. The minimum contribution amount, 
is 10 dollars.
All voluntary donations go to the development of the Academy, and to support inventors.
In each package of the invention includes the most detailed description, diagrams, drawings, photos, videos. To have some design documentation for production, developed by professional designers.

· To order the technology package, you must write a letter to  E-mail:    academy.faninv@gmail.com  with the title of "application" and list the POIs according to the sequence numbers.

· Образец заявки.  (or in any form) .


E-mail addresses, and other contact details of authors of inventions, for individual correspondence Academy does not offer! ( except for those inventions that the author independently advises the manufacturing process ( or treatment) as stated in the description.

Terms of the acquisition of technologies are at the bottom of the page.

Apply for purchase
-  Заявка

No. 1 - Technology answers to all your questions.

Leadership + constructor for the manufacture of the device in the home. The device is easy to manufacture, operates with precision:
1). Answers about the past - 99%
2). Answers about this - 95 %
3). Answers about the future - 80 %
Attention! The book is not included. Only manual, circuit fabrication, and the main part of the graphic components.
The technology is available for a minimum fee.

No. 3 - Magnetic - mechanical generator. 

The device get hot water magnetic – mechanical means for heating and hot water.
Full design and technical documentation for production. The power is 220 volts. The daily consumption of electric power of about 5 kW , depending on the area of the heated paesani and the amount of water in the system. Also includes complete documentation package heat gun for instant room heating. A payment under a contract with the author.

No. 4 is a Unique secret methods of healing

Without medication and physical interventions + technology self growing new teeth from stem cells in the home. Cures more than 80% of all known diseases. Especially relevant to many chronic and inflammatory diseases. Only two of the three sessions of 5-10 minutes.
It is called "the Impact on the living cells of the organism perturbation of the physical vacuum, and restore balance" the Title harder to read and longer than to heal.
The technology is available for a minimum fee.

No. 5 - Generator desires Radionics Machine Computer program for fulfillment of desires

Drawings and instructions for the manufacture of generators desires (six machines + Plus free trial computer program Radionics (demo version 30 days) 6 units as well As scientific publications and descriptions of experiments on this topic. Note: programs OS Windows 7 - not tested.
The technology is available for a minimum fee.

No. 6 - Replicator drugs ( medicine water )

Device for the manufacture of medicines free of raw materials from normal water, from more than 1600 diseases
The device is a vessel with water in a special form, and an electronic control unit. Sold finished, with software and instructions for use. With the help of this device you can make almost any medication from ordinary water. The list of diseases 

A payment under a contract with the author. Sent parcel post.

No. 7 - Ointment for removal of rodemack, warts, Narodna, papilloma, etc. 

In one smearing! Simple and accessible components! 
The technology of preparation of ointments at home in 2 minutes. Narodni disappear for three days without a trace. Marks and no scars!!! Painlessly! The cost of the removal of one site – just 0.001 of a penny
The technology is available for a minimum fee.

No. 10 - the Recipe of this cognac accelerated cooking without loss of quality ( n'yat years of aging for 6 months)

The technology of preparation of high-quality French brandy at home. Five star drink for only half a year! The quality is superior to global brands!
The technology is available for a minimum fee.

No. 20 - Prescription ointments from fungi, diseases of the mucous membranes, and sexually transmitted diseases

Simple and accessible components, effective treatment for one smearing. Complete cure of diseases of the mucous membranes of the genital organs, such as maldonite, balanoposthitis, etc. Recommended for men. (females not tested)
The technology is available for a minimum fee.

No. 21 - Quantum regenerator cells of the body.

A working microprocessor unit, and there is a technique of manual control.
Technology of creation of the information matrix DNA, at home, and methods of rejuvenation and regeneration of cells of the body. Natural replacement of diseased cells of an organism into new healthy cells. Got confirmation on the partial restoration of lost or injured bodies. This technique tested at the Institute of quantum genetics.
A payment under a contract with the author.

No. 22 - the Device long for burning targetplus boilers, stoves, fireplaces, and open flames.

There is a working and Assembly drawings for manufacturing. 6-8 kg. of Wood or coal, plus 200-300 liters of water - will provide continuous combustion in the boiler, at a temperature of 400-600 degrees, with one download within 5-6 days. A complete design documentation for production. The testing is not finished completely, developing new, more compact model. Also, there are disadvantages with automatic water topping. A payment under a contract with the author.

No. 23 - the Furnace long burning “Quadrotor”

Working drawings no. 10 kg of firewood burns 6 - 8 hours on one load. There are detailed drawings and a finished sample. Only suitable for rooms with high ceilings, not less than 2.5 meters.
Underway to develop a more efficient Quad-furnace. Approximate burning time in the new model 14 - 16 days. Tests are in progress. A payment under a contract with the author.

No. 24 - Robiony fridge. 

A simple device for long-term storage of fruits and vegetables, 8 to 10 months, the quality loss is less than 1 % 
Electricity consumption is not more than 5 Wat 1 m/m square. Works without the cold.
The technology is available for a minimum fee.

The car can be transported on the air without gasoline. The device is in the process of testing.
On with egodnyashnie day - there's only saving results 30 - 35 % . Full avotermin was not reached.
The device consists of two parts. 
Tests are in progress.
The technology is available for a minimum fee.

No. 30 - Teletransporter for heating tap water and / or heating. 

Silent highly efficient method of heating water flow , resonant transformer. 
Electricity consumption from the network = 100 Wat 1 kW of heat! Dimensions 30 x 30 x 40 cm Weight 25 kg.
The principle is the direct transformation of electricity into heat. Can operate in heating mode water flow, and heat gun for instant heating. The heating area - 500 sq.
Warranty hour non-stop operation - 30 years. A payment under a contract with the author.

No. 33 - the vortex Generator of the magnetic field. 
The device is getting a big harvest, 2 to 3 times ( increase in fruit number, and fruit size ) Personal advice from the author.
Technology and contacts of the author is available for a minimum fee.

No. 36 - a Method of solving the problem of infertility.
The solution to the problem of infertility in infertile couples without internal interference. Personal consultation with the author.
Technology and contacts of the author is available for a minimum fee.

No. 37 - a Simple method for home heating. KPD - 400 %
A simple device for heating the house, which already includes a water heating system. Low cost and easy installation of the device directly into the tube of the heat carrier, for 1 hour. Consists of Tr x details. Fabrication and installation-level plumbing, and does not require special skills.
The technology is available for a minimum fee.

No. 38 - Vacuum induction heating.
The device consists of three parts. It's 20 meters of wire, which is wound in a spiral around the pipe ( or around the pan) with water. It is necessary to wind the wire and to provide a pan of the vehicle.
The technology is available for a minimum fee.

No. 39 - the Burning of water in the boiler as fuel. A simple device, low cost.
Full design documentation no. It is not necessary. Just 4 pieces of purchased parts will fit in any existing boiler. The only thing we would have to stir the water in the traditional way, then it will burn itself, in its pure form, without any additives. There is a video and a diagram of the installation in the boiler.
The technology is available for a minimum fee.

No. 40 - electricity Generator, more than 20 Quat. + combustible water gas + welding without welding machine. (three in one)
There is a video and diagram. The device is simple, but requires the development of a Converter of electricity for later use ( or powerful electrical energy storage device ) is currently working welding ( without welding mashines) + output Gorykogo gas + output current 1600 Ampere ( volts depend on the number of turns)
The technology is available for a minimum fee.

No. 32 - Obtaining water from air + conditioning ( two in one)
Instructions for the remake of the old air cleaner on and the device is getting clean drinking water from air in an amount of 50 liters per day. Relevant to private houses and gardens with poor water, or in arid areas..
Technology and contacts of the author is available for a minimum fee.

No. 11 - ionizers. Real water for 5 minutes + Cool way of distillatio alcohol from a mash - 99 %.
Structuresize water for the house and for the food industry. And this device is suitable for alcohol from the mash, cold way, without distillation and without boiling yeast, absolute quality. It is also possible seperate hydrogen, or ( DNA ) from two radical solutions water for engines of internal combustion engines , combustion in boilers, or for other needs.
A payment under a contract with the author.

No. 26 - the Elixir of immortality. Prescription.
At periodic prophylactic use, 130 years of life - not the limit. There are cases of treatment of cancer and other incurable diseases. For a similar recipe created by the drug " Elixir Arctic +"
The technology is available for a minimum fee.

Gift. When you order one item or more than one of the following - as a gift.

No. 19 - the Way of removal is not desirable hair on face, legs, etc. the Recipe.
Important for women, painlessly and permanently. Technology ( recipes) at home. Cheap and simple components. As a gift.

No. 14 - a magical Recipe shampanskogo, and the recipe for honey added. Angel the taste, very tasty and healthy! The honey is better natural! They look indistinguishable. The taste is better! Does not cause allergies, treats diseases of the respiratory tract. As a gift.

No. 2 - the Elixir of life. Technology of preparation of the elixir of life at home. It is an alcoholic drink, without taste and smell of alcohol. Restores strength, and gives vigor and energy of life. Especially important in the summer heat, or winter cold. 
As a gift.




No. 41 - a Device for recovering dead batteries, and increase their capacity.
Almost is similar to the American 
EX-2A12-4 Battery  but more effective. After a few treatments the charge, even the most ubity the battery is restored to original condition. In addition, savings in consumption of electricity is about 2000 %. It is recommended to charge acid automotive battery.
The author supplies only the finished device, parcel post, in turn. Applications must be done in advance.
The price is cheaper than the American counterpart five times !

No. 42 - Positron generator of electricity. Offline, working at Samothrace.
Outputs a - 220 v/ 50 Hz. At the same time is able to power the laptop, al. razor, charging mobile phone, a lamp, table fan, etc. And charge another battery. Allowable load power is 100W. Weight - 500 g. it is Recommended for hikers, climbers, fishermen, and other people, cut off from the benefits of civilization.  Видео  test.
The author supplies only the finished device, parcel post. A payment under a contract with the author.

No. 43 - Super economical car heater. 
Power supply - 12 Volt, consumption - 25 Wat. Is suitable for heating the cabin, mobile bio toilets, tents, or small room. Heats up within a few minutes, with minimal consumption of electric energy. Works from the cigarette lighter of the car, from the battery or from the power supply 220 / 12 Volts. Easy to manufacture. Manufacturing cost 4 - 6 $. It is recommended for tourists or truckers. 
Видео  experiment.
The technology is available for a minimum fee.

No. 44 - Super single charger for the battery.
The device allows from submodel battery or from battery — to charge big powerful battery with a capacity of up to 160 a/h Battery source, when it's time. On the basis of this device can be done offline infinite power source on the samozapitka. After each full charge capacity and the battery capacity increases. After 10 recharges increase capacity - up to 50% off !
The author supplies only the finished device, parcel post. A payment under a contract with the author.

No. 45 - Instant charging of batteries for electric car, in 1 second.
The device operates from 12 Volts and allows you to charge the batteries of an electric vehicle (electromobile, or electric bikes) for 1-2 seconds. You can also recharge any rechargeable AA batteries for laptops, cameras, or mobile phones, etc.. I Wonder what charges even ordinary disposable batteries, then they are like new.
Видео  test charging different batteries.
Comes only the finished device. The amount of the contribution is not defined. Continue testing

No. 46 - Laser generator of heat and electricity.
There is a working prototype ready. Consumption Is 8.8 Wat. The output of heat and electricity are some Quat. The device is very portable, and in the future use it to heat and light up the whole house, or even small villages. Currently, due to strong heat, melt the metal compounds, therefore the device has a maximum of 2-3 seconds. The author is looking for an investor for the manufacture of tungsten compounds and special systems of the heat sink ( heat exchanger ) for stability.
The test of the first experiment: 

No. 47 - Hydrogen cell Meer—Meissner ( hybrid ) car.

Poblana few milliamps, fresh water, regular tap. The water is not heated and is not polluted. Gas yield depends on the area of the cell ( the number of tubular cells or plates ). Included - only the unit wiring diagrams. The cell is not included. Video 
The author supplies only the finished device, parcel post. A payment under a contract with the author.

No. 48 - Radiant heating boiler.

Running on 220 WOL. Consumption is not more than 50 Wat. The heating area up to 500 cubic meters. dimensions boiler: 25 x 15 x 15 cm.
The author is looking for an investor for the manufacture of a new building, modernization of the heating element, and changing the design of the heat exchanger secondary circuit.

49 -  CE fuelless electric generator of 4.5 kW. ( for electric vehicles or boat motors )

Portable power station can be used in power quality outboard motors, or small motors in electric vehicles, with capacity 4 - 7 kW. Does not require any fuel, and can continuously work up to 10 hours a day for 10 years. Can also be used in the home, in the private sector. For the full-scale tests in field conditions (on vehicles), the author required a small investment.

50 -  Radiance - electret lantern without food.
Works without any power source, where there is no electricity. Can be used in basements, in closets, in attics, in dark corridors, garden lights as a flashlight or as a charger for your mobile telephone, etc.
Available in two versions: led and daylight lamp 220 Volts. Time of continuous illumination of about 10 years.
The author delivers as finished devices, and documentation for independent production at home. 
Payment according to the contract with the author.

51 -  Plasma heating boiler "prominence"
Running on 220 V. the energy Consumption - 200 watts. The heat output is about 10 kW. thermal power. Can be used for heating cold running water, or for heating. There are several models. Consumables - no! Works on the water.
The author can manufacture a small number of boilers by order. Looking for an investor for improvements. It can also provide documentation for the independent production of the boiler in the home
.  Видео  первого испытания.

52 -  The Autonomous source of electricity "Black hole"
Works by itself. Requires no consumables. Can work at any temperature, in any environment, e.g. underwater, or in space. Is a black pyramid, measuring 8 cm/cu Autonomous generation of electricity over 20 years. The first model generates 9,0 WOL 500 mA. Output power of 4.5 Wat. Can be used for power, or for charging mobile devices such as phones, laptops, cameras, etc.
Technology is temporarily not available! The author is looking for an investor for the development of more powerful sources. Video is being prepared